Acrylic Mirror Sheets
3mm Silver Mirror Acrylic Sheet

3mm Silver Mirror Acrylic Sheet

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May 05,2018
I need a price for acrylic silver mirrored sheets that are 20" x 54" x 1/8" thick, and a price for 4' x 10' x 1/8" thick sheets. thanks
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Aug 11,2017
48" X 96" X 0.118" MIRROR SHEET
I am building a prototype solar collector. I need one sheet of 48" x 96" x 0.118 mirror sheet and a clear sheet of the same size. What would be the cost? What would be the materials? Thank you. Sincerely, John D. Jacoby
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Jun 14,2017
acrylic mirror sheet
what would be the reflectivity of these clear silvered mrrors, I am building some parabolic troughs for heating transfer fluid, I am using SS mirror sheet at present but it is very expensive. I should be able to cut these sheets to size using a sheet metal guillotine
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May 03,2017
mirror quote enquiry
Hi, i was wondering if i could have a quote on your Silver Acrylic Mirror Sheet, the dimensions are; 1900mm high x 600mm wide. 8mm thickness. also is it possible to have a small sample of the Silver Acrylic Mirror Sheet please? my company deals with a lot of custom bathroom installations and more and more customers are going for using mirrors as features points, and an acrylic mirror would over come several safety issues with mirror positions within the bathroom. thanks Ben Blair Build


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